The evil’s of technology.

Checking our text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks in a deep sea of many

Always comes first before thanking God for allowing and giving us the honor of waking up to another day of life

 Saying grace before a meal has been replaced by taking a picture of it for likes on Instagram

We have forgotten that meals aren’t bragging rights they are blessings

That there are people in third world countries who go days without eating

Who will eventually die of hunger

And here we are taking pictures of our food instead of thanking God for an unappreciated blessing

We are letting technology raise our children

Electricity is beginning to run through their veins

Their tender developing minds know nothing more than what Google is teaching them

We buy our 5 year-old children iPad’s instead of the childhood books we learned to love at that innocent age

We buy our adolescents iPhones instead of bibles

We take them to the apple store more often than we take them to church

They are beginning to think with their fingers and thumbs instead of their brains

Kids are killing themselves due to the online taunting of their peers

Bullying has been made easier by the anonymity that comes with owning these human made devices

And we witness all of this but we do nothing to stop it

Social gatherings are no longer the same

We sit in a round table surrounded by friends

The sound of laughter and a good time

Has been replaced by the sound of incoming text messages

More focused on seeing what strangers are tweeting instead of listening to the stories of our life long friends

Making eye contact has become a thing of the past everyone is looking down at their phones their faces illuminated by the brightness of their cellphone screens

Online lovers overflowing like water in a cup under a running faucet

We’ve become so attached to these strangers making them our online significant others

Men chasing the digital skirts of women who they will most likely never meet

Women investing their time into men thousands of miles away from them

Lusting over the online images of these people not remembering that not everyone is who he or she claims to be

Dating has been made easier by registering for an eHarmony account

Yet we lack the common sense to realize that we are playing Russian roulette risking our lives

Because you can’t tell a rapist, serial killer, or mentally deranged person from a normal person just by a profile picture

Our lives are quickly melting into nothing under technology’s burning flame even Dali would be stunned

The story of our lives will be composed from a mixture of our emails and Facebook posts

The legacy we will leave behind will consists of nothing more than the amount of twitter followers we acquired

Unlike our cellphones and laptops we aren’t made of glass or plastic material

Our skin melanin infused and our body composed of cells, bones, and water

We have an expiration date and one day we will die

And reality is that the pearly gates of heaven wont be as accessible as our Wi-Fi

We will have to stand before God and explain to him why we doubted the bible but we never doubted anything that we read online







Hand in Hand


Care free a budding young man

Walks along the grass way

Gripping his mothers delicate hand

Soaking in the sunrays

But is a sponge for her knowledge,

Personality and Wisdom

Blessed on this Sunday

Carnations Bloom fully on a warm day

No Dinner or Brunch

Can repay her for the hours of pain

On my born day

With every breath I breathe

I’m thankful

For every foot print I leave

For every word I write

And every poem I read

I’m thankful

For every life I touch

And every life I change

I’m thankful

So when you see me smiling

Know that I’m thankful for something

I owe her everything

So I live my life for her

So she can WANT for NOTHING

A woman can raise a boy

But a mother can mold a man

So I would walk from here to eternity

With my mother

Hand in Hand



Just a small Poem for all the MOMS out there! Happy Mothers Day!



Walking down Main

Black Heels kiss the pavement

Holding up a 5’4 slim frame

Hypnotized by the sway in her walk

Legs toned and silky

Ankle to knee exposed

Its like her calves talk

Muscles flex with every step

Gliding across the sidewalk

Trailing this skirt that falls above her knees

She glows

Like an angel with out her wings

The sun loves her

She’s the reality of a day dream

Brown strands sweep in the breeze

Layered hair flows to the small of her back

Her body sways gracefully

As the wind brushes landscaped palm trees

It was a warm day in December

That walk down Main is the day she walked away

Her FRESH SCENT is all I remember




I’m staring at a lost soul

Speech is worthless

Creativity’s gold

He scribes across me

I bleed black scars

He’s lost with out me

He speaks in bars


He’s tapping on me

Unleashing his passion on me

Looking at me…  Looking away

Staring into the distance

Lost in translation

Speechless for instance


Finds a moment of inspiration

Clever interpretation

He’s found his motivation

Married to melodic notations


High hats break the kicks

808’s follow bass riffs

He smiles at me

Recites in harmony

Holds me high

Spits bars at me


I hear him through the speakers

Slight reverb

His voice peeks through the tweeters

FINALLY! I feel complete


The life of a BLANK SHEET


Words UNspoken

I started my weekend off SILENT! LOL more like choked up…
So I went to a Spoken Word Open Mic at a spot called Luz Cafe! This was my first time there and my first time reading some of my work in over 2 years. So eary friday I started going over what Poems I was gona read that night. It was a toss up between some old stuff I did years ago or something new and recent. I wasn’t sure what the crowd was gona be like so I decided to play it safe and rock 2 of my older poems! I chose 3 just incase but really was only prepared to rock 2. The 3rd was just a “in case” poem to keep on the back burner. You know in case the spot is empty and there was still time for me to rock a 3rd or incase my first poem bombs, my 3rd would be way different content…
So I spend the day at work going over the poems so I can have them down by the time I roll over there. (if you know me, then you know my memory SUCKS LOL) so I decide to rock an old joint called “He Don’t Deserve YOU” (which I had turned into a song called ALL YOURS back in 04) and another called “My Stage” from like 06-07 and my 3rd go to was going to be “Uncle Benjamin” So I got a LOVE poem, Life Poem and a heavy metaphor joint! Now I’m feeling Confident!
Get off work, head over to my homie Trev’s house! And he drives us to the spot! He’s also bringing his little live gig field recorder to record me (so I can post it up on here and also so I can hear how I sound on stage) I use these open mics to work on my stage pressence and Breathing Excercise! (For when I do decide to rock shows when I drop my tape) its all part of the preperation! Alright! So we pull up to “Luz Cafe” that doesn’t even say “LUZ CAFE” on the sign! It says some other Coffee house name LOL
We sign me in and I’m 8th and 14th on the list! We missed the first person but got there when #2 was up. It was a chick reading a poem about her brother that’s a marine and over seas! (It was deep and pretty interesting) Now the crowd is mostly Females, some reading and some just there enjoying coffee and some there for support for other poets! So a few others go up and do their thing, Real intense poetry. Lot of pain, hurt and anger driven stuff! So Finally #7 goes up and rocks a funny accoustic set! He was playing a Guitar but his poem was about how he only knows how to play one song on the guitar! LOL it was cool!
Now I’m up! Trev sets up his recorder on the table, the Host/MC/Waiter calls my name and I head to the small make shift stage! I hit the ladies with “He Don’t Deserve You” and shut that shit down! Every female in there was paying attention and Every guy in there was thinkin I was talkin about them! LOL I do good and get good feedback! Get off stage and catch a few HIGH 5’s walkin back to the table. So a few others go up and now I’m feeling confident… I just did good for my first time up in 2 years, the crowd enjoyed me, So I decide to hit’em with another Female driven Poem!
That’s not part of the Plan. I was supposed to rock “My Stage” but for some reason in my head I wanted to bust a poem I just wrote 2 weeks ago that only 1 friend has ever read because she was the inspiration behind it! It’s called “PERFECT” and I decided to do it! So I get up on stage, Grab the Mic, Smile and start! I get out the first 2 Lines…. And then my mind goes BLANK! LOL so I start over! Clear my throat and try to shake it off! Hit the first 2 lines again and still nothing follows LOL
All I heard was the sips of people drinking their coffee LOL my hands started sweating and I try it out 1 more time! Anddddddddd NOTHING! LOL so I say “Sorry! I got a bad memory and I just wrote this one a few weeks ago” so I try to fall back on “My Stage” and since I’m nervous and goin nutts holding the mic, I can’t even remember how “My Stage” even starts! Hahahahahaaaaaaaa so I give the mic back to the Waiter and Laugh my dumbass back to my table! Me and Trev pack the recorder up and bounce! LMAO
That whole situation was a HUGE Train Wreck! But oh well! You win some you lose some. So now I’m just waitin for Trev to email me the MP3’s so I can post them up on here for your enjoyment! LOL

So the Moral of the Story… Stick to only reading ONE Poem cuz I can’t remember a 2nd one! LMAO