Photography 11/30/13

IMG_1186 editToday I took my Canon 70D out with a 50mm F1.4 and caught some rad shit…

Its been about a year or so since i posted on here, but i will be droppin some photography and other day to day shit. THANK YOU to all the NOBODY’s that still post and THANK YOU to everybody that still continues to visit the site and read the wild shit we post….

IMG_1132 bwWent down to the Douglas St. train station… This is the bridge over Douglas! Some of you might remember this location from my “ONE MORE” Music Video i dropped about 5 years ago i think…. hahahaa before HD…

IMG_1138 bwFrom the Inside looking out!

IMG_1153 bwLA TIMES getting it CRACKIN!!!!

IMG_1169 bwThere is always somebody watchin you… no matter where you go!

IMG_1134 editStrictly for the THIRSTY HOES!!!

IMG_1179 bwEmpty… Hard Copy prints are dying slowly, a field and craft i am very invested in. The digital era is taking over and the Printing industry is at an all time low…. Times are changing and what was new is now old and what was old is now “COOL” to some… and everything new is only relevant for 3 weeks till the “NEW” replacement arrives… If you don’t stay up to date with whats new, you too will be just another Empty box…

IMG_1178 bwThese stairs were also featured in my “One More” video…

IMG_1152 bwAndroid, iphone, blackberry, smart phone…. PAY PHONE! Last of a dying breed… Do people still carry quarters in their pockets?

IMG_1205 edithave you been to a Cafe Rio before? Next time you go there, tell them it’s your first time.. They will sing a little song… Go there on a tuesday for “Taco Tuesday” and buy 3 or more tacos and they will sing a little song… Ask for guacamole and they will sing a little song…. I found this cup outside of the train station and the first thing i thought about was “Tacoooo Tacoooo mannnnnn…. He wants to be… a Taco Man”



Head Hunting – First Date

Girls are CRAZY! Let’s just get that out the way now! Females always want you to understand them but they never give you a chance too. They just automatically think we know what the hell is going on with them. So we just start to guess and assume, Cuz we really don’t know SHIT! And to be honest, that shit is never a good thing when we have to guess what’s going through your head. Well I took it upon myself to find out what the hell females Want, Think About and Need in life. So I reached out to 22 of California’s most beautiful, single, hard working Women and picked their brains about “What would they like to do on a First Date”

Let’s face it, whenever you ask a girl what she wants to do 9 out of 10 times they respond with “I don’t care, what do you feel like doing?” or “it doesn’t matter to me, I’m up for anything” knowing dammm well they know EXACTLY what they wanna do! But for some odd reason they never want to say WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO DO! So here we go guessing again and what we decide to do is never what the girl wants to do.

So for a guy, setting up that First Date can be Tricky! We want shit to go smooth, We want to show the girl a good time and at the same time we want to get to know the girl a little more! Sounds easy right? WRONG! Because whatever we plan out, its never going to be what the girl had in mind! This is us guessing again, thinking we know what she will like or thinking we know she’ll have a good time. In the moment if the girl is cool she’ll make the best of it, But you better believe she’s gona go home and jump on the phone with her homegirl like “can you believe this mother fucker took me to his homie’s house for a kick back, and then left me sitting on the couch with some chicks I never met, while he plays beer pong” hahaha

Most guys think a Movie is a safe First Date! Wrong again… The goal is to get to know this Chick on the first date, That way you’ll know if you wanna kick it with her again or just end it that night! Hahahaa So a Movie is Bad… You cant get to know her in a movie theater, You gotta get them conversation skills crackin, First Dates are a lot like Job Interviews. You ask all the questions you want to know on that date, Cuz she’s gona be doing the same exact thing.

So what do girls want to do on a First Date?????? NOTHING you’re thinking about! That’s for sure! Hahahaa

I bet you didn’t know, Some girls want to go Hiking on their first Date. Now this doesn’t mean hit a mountain with her, throw your iPod on full blast and race her up the hill… This is a good time to get to know her, walking and talking and show her what kind of guy you are by letting her walk along the mountain side while you walk along the cliff side, so if shit goes wrong you’ll fall off the edge before she does! Hahaaa But besides that, you’ll be doing something she enjoys. You’ll know she’s having a good time, so its just up to you to keep her good company!

You can always take her to a sporting event… Lakers/Clippers game or even a Baseball game… Believe it or not but girls are into sports too. It’s a real casual type environment and after the game you can hit a bar… Have a couple drinks during the game and after, exchange some good conversation, maybe whoop her ass in pool or some arcade hoops! Hahahaa Its all in fun and having a good time!

Some just want to go to Dinner or Lunch and have a drink or two followed up with a mellow walk after… But conversation is KEY! As much as you want to know about them, they want to know twice as much about you. If you know she’s into music, take her somewhere with good music. Show her what your into…

I asked all these girls the same exact question “If you were to take me out on a first date, where would you take me? And what would we do?” and they ALL had different answers. What’s funny is that, some of them were shocked by the question and didn’t really know how to answer it. Some think a Real Man should set the date up, some knew exactly what they wanted to do on that first date and some didn’t really understand what I was asking. The reason I asked the question that way, is to put them in that position that most guys go through. Setting up that first date (do you do something that you like to do or do you do something you THINK she’ll like to do) I wanted to get to know exactly what they liked to do… and the answers I got were crazy! Some of the things I would have never guessed, like Deep Sea Fishing (not fishing off a pier, im talking catching Tuna’s and shit! That was DOPE!), Flamenco or Swing Dancing, Mani/Pedi (hahaha) and Shooting Range… and there was others who said some cool shit like Walk on the Beach after a nice Dinner, Concert, Hot tub, Batting Cages and my personal favorite “Fuck that foo foo shit! Lets go to a Bar, get shit faced and talk shit about our Ex’s and why we’re single!” hahahahahahaaaa

So in closing, Ladies: If you want to do some shit, just let us know! 9 out of 10 times a guy is really up for anything and even if we’re not into it… we’ll still do that shit just to make you happy! Hahahahahaaa

**Head Hunting is a new weekly post im gona be dropping… Where I ask random people random questions and get up inside their head!!!! Be sure to check back for more Head Hunting with these lovely Single Ladies…


Doing Me – NONSTOP



New Low Budget, Bootleg, Home Made Video of “Doing ME” By: NONSTOP

Shot and Edited By: Drew vs Food

Loyal to that ONE Double SIX Street, The video was shot around that area…

Drew was just testing out his filming and editing skills….

Be on the look out for more videos!

110 SOUTH Fundraiser


Make sure you ALL come out to the Buddhist Church on 166th Street in Gardena (between Normandie and Western) This Saturday November 26th 2011

The Good people over at 110 South Streetwear will be there slangin Gear and ALL the proceeds will go to Barry Tanaka’s Fight Against Cancer

So be sure to come out and hang out from 2pm to 9pm… I’ll be there! Pick up some dope gear, Kick it with dope people…. ALL for a DOPE CAUSE!

PECK PARK 9/4/11

This weekend my cousin Justin fresh home from Hawaii hit me up about a Picnic going down on Sunday! I told’em to pick me up and we were headed to Peck Park to meet up with some of his homies from MAJESTICS Car Club…

Justin came swingin down my block in his Black on Black Stinkin Lincoln “LIGHTS OUT” and We shot straight down Western from the G with Dusty in his Cadi and Silent in his Impala and it was on….

You know Cousin Juss rolls heavy for ISLANDERS Car Club…

So on our way the Lincoln, The Cadi and the Impala are breakin necks down Western that Sunday Afternoon… We pull up to Peck Park and theres a few other clubs there, chillin, BarBQing… But The Majestics had it locked down!

Right when you hit the parking lot you see Bertha’s Yellow lac posted

Oh its not a game! Reppin for MAJESTICS Huntington Park… and you might’ve seen Bertha’s cadi in the YG video for “Bitches Aint Shit” featuring Tyga and Nipsey Hussle…

and right next to Bertha’s cadi was Jerry’s Malibu but i’ll show you some action shots of his ride later….

This is on the Front of Jerry’s Malibu… Majestics Hood Piece..

and of course Jerry got it in the back window too! Majestics CC Huntington Park

Silent pulled his Impala up on the other side of Bertha’s Cadi. Rollin with the Top Down Southern Cali livin….

Dusty rolled up flossin like always! and also his Cadi is for sale too… Hit Me Up for more info! You can also find more pics i took of his ride at and his car was also in that YG Video too…

The homies Impala Reppin MAJESTICS Compton

Dude from INDIVIDUALS CC had his Cadi Posted

Justin’s Town Car Black on Black on Black holdin it down for ISLANDERS CC


Nene’s New School Town Car… MAJESTICS CC Compton

This is on the Trunk of NENE’s Lincoln

Here’s a close up… This shit is clean!

This Impala was parked across from us! Shit was killin…

The Big Homie Rodney from Majestics CC Compton pulled up slangin CD’s right out of the Trunk! Dude had EVERYTHING!!!!

Through out the Day Cars pulled in and out of Peck Park… This Impala was Clean!

Is your BARBQ sittin on Daytons???

Are there 6×9’s under your Ribs??? LOL this BarBQ was clownin… Sittin on Daytons with the Music right up under the grill… and that shit was loaded with Racks on Racks on Racks of Ribs!

Then Jerry pulled his Tahoe around to start packin stuff up! and his truck was slumpin on everybody in the park and down western… So i had to go check out where all that Bass was coming from!

Jerry popped the hatch so i can check it out….

and yeah! Thats FOUR 15’s in the back of a 2 Door Tahoe… yeah i said FOUR, QUATRO, 4… This shit was fuckin SLUMPIN!! i was standin on the other side of the parking lot and i felt that shit in my knee caps! That shit was NO JOKE!

After everything was packed up.. Everybody was talkin about hittin Crenshaw straight from the Park…

One last shot of Silents Impala before we all left!

and We were back on WESTERN…

We hit the 110 and Jerry pulled up in his Malibu…

and he hit the 3 Wheel across the 110….

Shout Out to everybody from MAJESTICS Car Club.. Huntington Park and Compton… They showed us alot of love at the Picnic… Real Cool People! Shout Out to Dusty and Silent… and a Big Shout Out to my Cousin JUSTIN and CARISSA! They just got Married in HAWAII… CONGRATS!!!