What’s with the name? (Still a Nobody)

When your an independent artist your usually looked at as a NOBODY! We’re ALL Still NOBODY’s!

How do I get my music on StillaNobody.com?

Send ONE  MP3 file of your single and Link to your Full Mixtape/Album along with your Contact information. (websites, emails, numbers, etc) *if you dont have a Mixtape/Album you can send just a single with your contact info… StillaNobody@gmail.com

Do you only promote music?

NO! I promote anything and everything! Just send me an email with what you want to promote and i’ll post it up!

Whats the Catch?

No Catch! This is just another outlet for you to be heard. When i post your music or work i will also post all your contact info so if somebody hears you or see’s you on the site they know where they can reach you. All i ask is for you to tell your friends that your music is on this site! www.StillaNobody.com

Where can i upload my Album/Mixtape?

You can use iTunes or Bandcamp or Zshare or any other host sites. I will post the link on StillaNobody.com so people can easily be pointed in the Right direction if they want it. I’m not trying to make NO MONEY off of this, so if somebody wants to Download your work they will be redirected to your site where ever you are selling your work!

Can you take some pictures of Me and/or my Crew?

Yes! for a small fee… Depends on how many shots you need and how long it will take. This too can only be done if your in LA or the surrounding area. I have a crew of Free Lance photographers that shoot with SLR and DSLR cameras. Send an email with your questions and i can submit some of their work samples and build from there.

Whats with the BLACK SHEEP?

Every NOBODY is the Black Sheep of the industry. Like it or Not, its the TRUTH! So embrace your inner BLACK SHEEP and be proud your a NOBODY!

Do you just Promote or do you actually listen to the music and go to the Gigs/Shows?

I listen to all music that is submitted to me. I may not get around to commenting and giving feedback on all tracks sent to me, But i do listen to it all. As for going to ALL the Shows and Gigs, i try and make it out to some of them so i can take pictures and network. I’m working on putting together a team to hit all the shows and gigs around here so we can give some feedback on the Site.

Will you sponsor Me and/or My Crew and/or My Band?

Sponsorship is something that has to be earned! You can’t ask for that… But i will keep my ears open!

What is 110 SOUTH? and Why do i see it on this Site so much?

You should check out  110 SOUTH for yourself! 110 SOUTH is an authentic Los Angeles Clothing Brand and they Sponsor this site!




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