Photography 11/30/13

IMG_1186 editToday I took my Canon 70D out with a 50mm F1.4 and caught some rad shit…

Its been about a year or so since i posted on here, but i will be droppin some photography and other day to day shit. THANK YOU to all the NOBODY’s that still post and THANK YOU to everybody that still continues to visit the site and read the wild shit we post….

IMG_1132 bwWent down to the Douglas St. train station… This is the bridge over Douglas! Some of you might remember this location from my “ONE MORE” Music Video i dropped about 5 years ago i think…. hahahaa before HD…

IMG_1138 bwFrom the Inside looking out!

IMG_1153 bwLA TIMES getting it CRACKIN!!!!

IMG_1169 bwThere is always somebody watchin you… no matter where you go!

IMG_1134 editStrictly for the THIRSTY HOES!!!

IMG_1179 bwEmpty… Hard Copy prints are dying slowly, a field and craft i am very invested in. The digital era is taking over and the Printing industry is at an all time low…. Times are changing and what was new is now old and what was old is now “COOL” to some… and everything new is only relevant for 3 weeks till the “NEW” replacement arrives… If you don’t stay up to date with whats new, you too will be just another Empty box…

IMG_1178 bwThese stairs were also featured in my “One More” video…

IMG_1152 bwAndroid, iphone, blackberry, smart phone…. PAY PHONE! Last of a dying breed… Do people still carry quarters in their pockets?

IMG_1205 edithave you been to a Cafe Rio before? Next time you go there, tell them it’s your first time.. They will sing a little song… Go there on a tuesday for “Taco Tuesday” and buy 3 or more tacos and they will sing a little song… Ask for guacamole and they will sing a little song…. I found this cup outside of the train station and the first thing i thought about was “Tacoooo Tacoooo mannnnnn…. He wants to be… a Taco Man”



ENDEAVOUR Space Shuttle over LA

Im pretty sure you all seen pics, heard about it and probably sick and tired of it by now! This afternoon around 12 The Space Shuttle strapped to the back of a airplane took over the LA sky for a cool hour or so!

I was at home watching the shit on TV, the news was everywhere today! At the observatory, surrounding LAX, at USC, on top of sky scrapers in DTLA, at the airport hangin with real life astronauts and just on random streets…. EVERYBODY was outside! the news was on imperial and there was just people ontop of people.. looked like the crowd at the Lakers Parade! Shit was crazy!

and then that shit came cruising over Malibu then Santa Monica then all of a sudden that shit was over the City! Around the observatory, up to the Hollywood sign, around Downtown LA, then teased everybody by LAX and then swooping back around heading back to Downtown LA then shot down to the OC for a minute and looped around Disneyland then hit the Coast and cruised back up to the Queen Mary! and then that shit shot straight up the mothafuckin 110 Freeway! So you know i had to step outside for that shit! the 110? i was like nah, that shit aint cruisin over the inner city’s like that! and sure enough! shot back up the 110 and it looked like it made a left by the el segundo blvd exit and mashed back towards LAX and then i heard that shit rumbling…

and seen it, pretty far away tho! but you can see that shit and hear it! so i tried to snap some pics when it was headed back towards LAX

That little white spec between the top of that brown house and the telephone pole was the Shuttle…

Now the little spec is to the left of the brown house, right before that group of Palm Tree’s.. So i was like this shit is wack! its too far to catch a real pic im going back inside the house to make me a sandwich!

and then i see that shit making another U turn by santa monica on the news and its heading back… So i step outside again when i hear all that loud noise and…

Space Shuttle was cruising in GARDENA! That shit was dam there above the house!!! shit looked big as fuck and it was loud as shit! some other neighbors came out to snap some pics (fuckers i aint NEVER seen in my life before.. and i’ve lived in this area for a loooooooooong ass time) hahahaaa

So you know i had to jump on Instagram one time! hahahaaa

only got like 30 somethin likes but its cool! Dope shot of the Space Shuttle catchin a Piggy Back ride on a plane! When am i gona see some shit like that again? hahahahaaaa hit me on Instagram tho NONSTOP166

Well that shit hit another U Turn around USC or some shit and headed back to LAX to land around 1pm, so it was rollin around LA for a cool hour or so! shit was trippy to see!

Then Instagram went CRAZY!! everybody was posting pics! so i was gettin my LIKE on, you know! it was cool to see that other people was trippin out too… and then about 2 hours later! my timeline got flooded with the same dam pics back to back! The Copy and Pasters just killed me! To my understanding… I thought instagram was a social network that let people experiment with Cell Phone Photography, photo filters and try to push their creativity to new levels! You know snap a picture and then try to jazz it up with a filter and then post it so people can like it! But when i seen how many people were just copy and pasting other “COOL” pics that somebody else took, i just gave up! hahahahahaaaa! I swear i seen the SAME picture of the shuttle over the DTLA Sky Line like 13 times! Thats when you know the HYPE has officially set in and people just wanted to post something cuz everybody else was hahahahahahaaaa!

SInce the COPY and PASTERS were out in full force! I dropped this shit in circulation! hahahaaa

Seen it get ReTweeted and then just stolen… and then i even seen it later in the day with out the STILLANOBODY.COM on the bottom… somebody just cropped that shit out! hahahahahahahaaa!!!

But other than that! Shit was cool! Seen a fuckin Space Ship riding on the back of a fuckin Air Plane today! How dope is that! Not too many people can say that shit! hahahahahahaa

Stay Up Fuckers



I know you all been thinkin about it… Who had the better chick between the Savage Brothers?? **Side Note: fuckin SAVAGE Brothers would be a legit WWF Tag Team name if they both were wrestlers**

Alright… So who got to mack down and possibly SMASH (behind the scenes) the badder chick? Was it Winnie Cooper on Wonder Years?

or… Topanga on Boy Meets World?

alright.. lets be honest here… Winnie was BAD in the 80’s and Topanga was BAD in the 90’s… and Winnie is a fuckin BABE now days… and I saw Topanga on one of the Hydroxy Cut commercials lookin Busted… So im goin strictly off of Childhood memories.. Which one of these chicks did you Yank the Crank too more? im talkin straight up BONE CONE while watchin TV!!! hahahahaaa

Was it Winnie Cooper

or Topanga

Hit me on Twitter… @N0NST0P

Look forward to more of these types of Battles… Me and @APartidaFiction go back and forth on shit like this Daily on the wonderful world of Twitter…


and we’ll be droppin a shit load of new music this weekend…


Pay Respect

After a long debate about Old School Dance Flicks verses these new school 3D Dance Movies… Me and the homie Angel figured out where Johnny Depp gets his style from… Johnny Depp been jackin OZONE from Breakin’s whole look!! From the hats to the billion bracelets and rings to the layers… Come on Johnny! Give Ozone aka Shabba Doo aka Adolfo some credit… Cant be bitin’ his style and tryna write it off like its yours! We’re on to you! You might have these females fooled but you cant pull the wool over our eyes!

The Heat Won?

I guess there was a Finals game on tonight and im guessing the Heat Won! #CoolStoryBro hahahahaaaa

So all the Lebron fans are pretty stoked now! Since he finally got a ring… Lebron was cooler when he didnt have a ring cuz people had jokes for days on that bum! He still cant fuck with Kobe and he could never come close to Jordan… He cant even fuck with Jordans Shadow… All Lebron had to do was turn his back on his city and move to a team that already had some shit in the making to get a ring! D.Wade was handling shit before Lebron got there! Wade already got a ring with out’em! hahahahaaa… and they just threw Bosh in the mix cuz every team needs a fuckin real life Dinosaur on the team! hahahaa Thats a Ugly mothafucka!

So i wonder who Lebrons mom is gettin busy with tonight? Mike Miller might be diggin that out! J. Howard might even get up in that… with his old ass!!! The last OG from the Fab 5 thats still in the League! I respect that brotha! and Im glad he got himself a ring this year! Maybe he’ll retire now!

So to all the “so called” Heat Fans that dont live in Miami or anywhere close to Florida… Like all the bums in LA that are Heat “fans” What time yall rollin to that Parade??? hahahahahahahahaaaaa….

I rep my city WIN or LOSE!! Big Ups to my city Los Angeles that i claim without fear! Lakers, Dodgers, Kings and Clippers… LOYALTY is the foundation of RESPECT!

and here’s another one just cuz!! hahahaha

Mission: Entourage

Last week twitter and facebook went into a frenzy in the sneaker world! Because some of the stores were getting the highly anticipated… NONtourage Nike SB Dunk Low…

Let me back up and give you a quick run down on the history of this sneaker…

So Nike SB made an extremely limited edition custom shoe for the cast and crew, Family and Friends of the HBO show Entourage when the series finally came to an END! The pictures of the shoe hit the internet last year and buzzed so hard the shit needed Rehab! Heres some pics of the shoe!

Signature Black on Black elephant print with the suede hits…. Now for the really fancy shit that makes this shoe EXCLUSIVE!

The ENTOURAGE logo on the Tongue… and….

Entourage logo on the insole and “The End” on the other…

They dubbed these The Entourage “Lights Out” sick ass shoe, everybody was hype on it… Then Nike kills everybodys hopes and dreams and says… This shoe is strictly for people around the Show ONLY! will not be releasing and will never see a store shelf ever in life!

After we all cried for a few weeks… Some months go by and Nike decides to release the shoe! We get happy again! Now the Show and HBO dont want the shoe to be released… So now the shoe gets canceled again!

a year goes by and… BOOM! Nike and HBO come to an agreement and decide to release the shoe! but with minor (really fuckin major) changes to it! for one, They added a gum bottom! (which is cool.. cuz gum bottoms are dope as shit!) for two, and the most obvious reason of them all… HBO said they had to take ALL Entourage logo’s OFF the shoe… So now we have some what of a similar shoe with the Elephant print upper and the suede hits.. but now with a gum bottom and NO Entourage logo’s… hence the name NONtourage!!!

But the shoe is still dope and ONLY 2,500 made in the WHOLE WORLD!

So me and the homie BOB the BARBER get to plotting out a master plan on how we are going to get our grubby hands on these shits! So the 2 stores that got them first! SOLD out in a matter of seconds! i was at work and he was at work too! so we got on the bat phone and started calling all of our connects and low key spots tryna get info on when they’re getting them and how can we get’em… After a long weekend of getting info together! We found out some stores were geting them in early this week!

So Wednesday rolled around! Stores got their shipments in and the hunt was ON! First store, SOLD OUT! Second store, SOLD OUT! Third Store… Just Got’em in… We headed out Wednesday morning before work to catch a pair! by the time we got there (which was like 25 minutes after they said they got’em) Fuckin SOLD OUT!! SHIT! We went to work! and found out about another spot that was gona release them Thursday Morning at 9! So we said Fuck It! Pack up the Chairs, Lap Tops and Heavy Jackets… We’re camping out for these shits!

I scooped Bob up around 11:45 and headed down to Huntington Beach! got there around 12:15 or so… Saw a small group already posted up and said fuck it! lets join them! Not knowing how many pairs the store had or how much they were… all we knew is when they were gona release them and some info about a matching shirt and hat! (said you had to purchase all 3 items as a PACK) We set up shop and let the night get WEIRD!

So the first 2 people in line was a guy and girl couple from riverside sleeping in their car, then 2 white dudes in fancy pajamas and beater ass True Blue 3’s, then a group of 5 skinny jean snap back asian kids from Long Beach, then some chill ass dude rollin solo… then us! With me and bob there that made a total of 12 of us sittin out in the cold! early in the night, everybodys hype, talkin, listenin to music, tweetin, instagramin, facebookin on their phones… The asian dudes was all sharing a forty, the 2 white dudes walked to iHop, so me and bob took out the mac books and dropped a movie in… PAID IN FULL! after we watched that and got hype on some hustle shit, some people started knockin out and then the fuckin WEIRDOS showed up! hahahahaa The bars on Main St. started to close so all the drunks were walking by us! and EVERYBODY that past us asked, “So what are you guys waiting for?” so one of the white dudes said “Justin Bieber” hahahahaaa and after that! everybody that asked we told them we were waiting for the fuckin Biebs! hahahaha shit was funny! We told one drunk guy we were waiting for Bieber and he got fuckin mad! he wanted to to stay out there with us so he can fuck up Bieber when he see’s him! he had a whole UFC combo he wanted to do on the Biebs! hahahahahaa! So the drunks started leaving and then the fuckin Crazy Crack Head Burn Outs started to show up!

One guy walking around with no shirt, just pacing back in forth in front of us smoking a cig straight down to the filter! i think he even lit up the filter and hit that a few times down to a roach! hahahahaa! Then he ended up leaving… Then some fat sloppy guy wearing sandals, ripped up jeans, a loose ass ed hardy shirt with a drunk ass collar showed up… talkin bout he’s a rapper and started handing out his business card which had like 5 different names on it, a email and NO phone number! and wanted everybody to “COP” his new album! hahahaa he left than the shirtless crackhead comes back.. now he just posts up in front of us and just stands there! and its cold as shit outside… we had hoody’s and beanies and blankets… this guy had on jeans and no shirt hahahahaa! Cops cruised by and the crack head bounced!

now its like 4am we drop another movie in… and kind of watch it and kind of knockin out but i was sketched out about the crack heads so i kept an eye open! 5am rolls around and i catch a solid 30 minutes of sleep! i wake up and the sun is creepin out… so i instagram’d it hahahaha

everybody else is kind of waking up from their light sleep… and now people are starting to get their morning jog on and shit! and people are still asking us what we’re doing sleeping outside! So we were still telling people the Bieber shit and also started making up new shit! hahahahahaahaaaa… Like “OCCUPY Main St” we told them we were protesting against a womens store that sold FUR! hahahaha and then we told some guy we were on Strike! and he got fuckin PISSED! hahahaa! he walked by, we said we’re on strike and he said “Fuck… Get another fuckin Job” and walked away! hahahaa! then some Burn Out with blonde spikey hair rolled up with a dirrty blanket, a empty slurpee cup and his eyes BUG’d out HUGE! he said “woah what are you guys doing in my town? we said gettin sneakers! he said “oh cool… you got any bud, a bowl, some weed?” we were like huh? and he said “sneakers are cool man.. got a bowl, some weed, some bud, some bud, a bowl?” hahaha and then just walked away! hahaha then he came back and the guy in the front with his girlfriend said something to him.. the burn out got mad and was like “hey man fuck you and your shoes.. im gona rob you… do you got a bowl or some bud, some weed, a bowl?” hahaha and walked away again! Than the strike guy came back even more MAD! talkin shit to ALL of us! saying we needed to go back to college and fuck retail and fuck striking and we dont got no education… then we told’em we were fuckin around… and all of a sudden he turned cool hahahahaaa!!!

6am and the fucking Parking enforcement cop is on the prawl! We all jump up to throw quarters in the meter! the Guy in front with the girlfriend was putting change in and the cop wrote him a ticket! cuz he said “the meter was red when i walked up” and like a dick! gave him a $45 parking ticket! a couple more burn outs walk by and then now we’re all awake and talking and chillin and a older lady walks up to the front of the line and says “are you guys camping out?” the white dude says yeah! then she reached into her pocket and said “i only got 4 bucks…” and started to hand out a dollar bill to the first 4 people! they all looked confused and refused to take the money… and then the lady says “you dont want it? arent you HOMELESS” hahahahahahaa she thought we were all homeless hhahahahaaa!! i dont know how she thought that when bob had his lap top out everybody was on cell phones hahahahaaa!! So a shit load of people are asking what we’re doing, and then a gang of other people start showing up to line up!

So we hit Jamba Juice for more quarters for the meter and some breakfast… Then i instagram’d

Now its like 7am and the street is getting crowded everybody is up and the line is getting longer… Bob through on Baby Boy to kill the last 2 hours and we all just chopped it up! 9am hit! and they started letting us in 1 by 1… First the couple went in… the guy got his pair and the girl didnt get her size! Then the 2 white kids, then the asian kid group, 4 got theirs and 1 kid didnt have enough money! Then the chill dude! and then the guy comes out and says “We ONLY got 2 Pairs LEFT” and who was the next 2 guys? me and fuckin Bob… so we got up in there! and got our pairs! and our FREE Hat and Shirt!

And here’s the exclusive Limited Edition Shirt and Snap Back

The store was called GARAGE and they played off the Entourage Logo and Font and turned into the store name! Thats how they released their packs! which was cool!

Puffy Letters on the Hat

BUT… its a dam Snap Back… LAME! hahahaaaa

So thanks to that Chick that didnt get her size and to that Asian Kid that didnt come with enough money! Me and Bob got the LAST 2 Pairs….

So we were stoked… and headed back to the South Bay… We decided to just pass by another shop on the way home to see what the line looked like! and when we got there… there was only 10 people in line! hahahaaa! so we pulled up around 10:30 and waited with them till that store opened at 12… We heard the store had 14 pairs! so we took a chance and waited to see if we could score another pair! anddddd….. we got 2 of the last pairs at that spot too! hahahahhaaaaa

and then we Instagram’d that BITCH!

hahahahaaa Our Entourage’s had an Entourage! After that we headed home to get ready to roll to fuckin work right after that!!!

all in all! it was a successful camp out! 2 pairs each! and if you just want a insight on what the resell on these is lookin like…. hit up they got pairs on there going for $500 and if you hit up they got pairs from $280 to $350 and its only gona keep going up!

More shit went down but im tired of typing… im running off of 30 minutes of sleep for the past 36 hours! my eyeballs are DONE! hahahahahaaaa!!! catch yall fuckers on the Rebound!

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MARLEY – The Movie

Last night i saw the new Bob Marley movie called “MARLEY” and that shit is LIFE CHANGING!

Now i’ve read almost all the books published about Bob Marley’s life, I grew up on his music and i’ve heard about 96% of ALL of his recorded records… (Theres still a hand full of 45’s that he released earlier in his career that i havent heard yet… But im working on gettin my hands on them thangs! hahahaa) So from a fan’s stand point… This movie pretty much sum’d up all the books i read and gave me solid visuals of all the events i read about…

This isnt gona be one of those reviews where i break down who directed this movie and who helped put this movie together… I’ll leave all the technical stats and shit to the pro’s.. Im just here to tell you what i thought about the movie!

So they released this movie in select Movie Theaters across the country on… none other than 4/20/2012… But i didnt get a chance to see who and where was playing it, So i did some investigating online yesterday and found out that Time Warner had an early screening ON DEMAND! (you can also rent the movie on iTunes too) So i jumped on my cable box when i got home last night and ordered that thang! It was a solid 6.99 to rent it ON DEMAND for 2 days… So i got it!

Then i posted this picture on Instagram….

Follow me on Instagram if you dare… NONSTOP166 look me up.. i Dare You! hahahaa

So after that… I got right into it… This movie gives you the straight up REALNESS on who Bob was… They got everybody from Bunny Wailer to Rita Marley to Ziggy and his Sister to his White second cousin and even his Half Sister…. What was dope also is they had audio from Peter Tosh! and a shit load of more people… Tellin real stories and memories with video footage to back up everything being said! Shit blew my mind! They talk about how Bob had a crazy childhood cause he was half white and the other kids called’em a outcast and used to fuck with him for not being FULL black! Then they got into how he started making music and his whole journey to what his music has become to this day!

And they get into the real details on why the OG Wailers broke up, Shady Producers and Managers and shit, and even Bob and Rita’s relationship (Bob was a straight up ladies man! He had 11 Kids with 7 Different chicks #FACT) From Girlfriends to chicks on the side to just random skeezers and Rita was a straight up G about that shit! Crazy! They go deep into him becoming a Rastafarian and they even got dope ass footage of Haile Selassie I… Then they break down how Bob got Melanoma and how Cancer hit’em, to the sad day he cut his dreads off and even had footage of his funeral… Shit was DEEP on so many levels!

So if your a fan, like myself! or just somebody looking to check out a dope ass documentary… I would say check this movie out! Its only 6.99 to rent or if you can find a theater near you playing it! Its worth the money and more! Click HERE to see the listings on where its playing or who got it for rent!

Like i said, i grew up on Reggae Music and Bob Marley has been a major influence on myself! Shit i got that brotha tat’d on me! hahahahaa!!! #SoYouKNowItsREAL hahahaa

Not the best Picture! BUT…. You get the idea! hahahahaa!!! Go check this movie out!

Live as ONE, Together We’re STRONG! JAH! Rastafari…..