The evil’s of technology.

Checking our text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks in a deep sea of many

Always comes first before thanking God for allowing and giving us the honor of waking up to another day of life

 Saying grace before a meal has been replaced by taking a picture of it for likes on Instagram

We have forgotten that meals aren’t bragging rights they are blessings

That there are people in third world countries who go days without eating

Who will eventually die of hunger

And here we are taking pictures of our food instead of thanking God for an unappreciated blessing

We are letting technology raise our children

Electricity is beginning to run through their veins

Their tender developing minds know nothing more than what Google is teaching them

We buy our 5 year-old children iPad’s instead of the childhood books we learned to love at that innocent age

We buy our adolescents iPhones instead of bibles

We take them to the apple store more often than we take them to church

They are beginning to think with their fingers and thumbs instead of their brains

Kids are killing themselves due to the online taunting of their peers

Bullying has been made easier by the anonymity that comes with owning these human made devices

And we witness all of this but we do nothing to stop it

Social gatherings are no longer the same

We sit in a round table surrounded by friends

The sound of laughter and a good time

Has been replaced by the sound of incoming text messages

More focused on seeing what strangers are tweeting instead of listening to the stories of our life long friends

Making eye contact has become a thing of the past everyone is looking down at their phones their faces illuminated by the brightness of their cellphone screens

Online lovers overflowing like water in a cup under a running faucet

We’ve become so attached to these strangers making them our online significant others

Men chasing the digital skirts of women who they will most likely never meet

Women investing their time into men thousands of miles away from them

Lusting over the online images of these people not remembering that not everyone is who he or she claims to be

Dating has been made easier by registering for an eHarmony account

Yet we lack the common sense to realize that we are playing Russian roulette risking our lives

Because you can’t tell a rapist, serial killer, or mentally deranged person from a normal person just by a profile picture

Our lives are quickly melting into nothing under technology’s burning flame even Dali would be stunned

The story of our lives will be composed from a mixture of our emails and Facebook posts

The legacy we will leave behind will consists of nothing more than the amount of twitter followers we acquired

Unlike our cellphones and laptops we aren’t made of glass or plastic material

Our skin melanin infused and our body composed of cells, bones, and water

We have an expiration date and one day we will die

And reality is that the pearly gates of heaven wont be as accessible as our Wi-Fi

We will have to stand before God and explain to him why we doubted the bible but we never doubted anything that we read online






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PECK PARK 9/4/11

This weekend my cousin Justin fresh home from Hawaii hit me up about a Picnic going down on Sunday! I told’em to pick me up and we were headed to Peck Park to meet up with some of his homies from MAJESTICS Car Club…

Justin came swingin down my block in his Black on Black Stinkin Lincoln “LIGHTS OUT” and We shot straight down Western from the G with Dusty in his Cadi and Silent in his Impala and it was on….

You know Cousin Juss rolls heavy for ISLANDERS Car Club…

So on our way the Lincoln, The Cadi and the Impala are breakin necks down Western that Sunday Afternoon… We pull up to Peck Park and theres a few other clubs there, chillin, BarBQing… But The Majestics had it locked down!

Right when you hit the parking lot you see Bertha’s Yellow lac posted

Oh its not a game! Reppin for MAJESTICS Huntington Park… and you might’ve seen Bertha’s cadi in the YG video for “Bitches Aint Shit” featuring Tyga and Nipsey Hussle…

and right next to Bertha’s cadi was Jerry’s Malibu but i’ll show you some action shots of his ride later….

This is on the Front of Jerry’s Malibu… Majestics Hood Piece..

and of course Jerry got it in the back window too! Majestics CC Huntington Park

Silent pulled his Impala up on the other side of Bertha’s Cadi. Rollin with the Top Down Southern Cali livin….

Dusty rolled up flossin like always! and also his Cadi is for sale too… Hit Me Up for more info! You can also find more pics i took of his ride at and his car was also in that YG Video too…

The homies Impala Reppin MAJESTICS Compton

Dude from INDIVIDUALS CC had his Cadi Posted

Justin’s Town Car Black on Black on Black holdin it down for ISLANDERS CC


Nene’s New School Town Car… MAJESTICS CC Compton

This is on the Trunk of NENE’s Lincoln

Here’s a close up… This shit is clean!

This Impala was parked across from us! Shit was killin…

The Big Homie Rodney from Majestics CC Compton pulled up slangin CD’s right out of the Trunk! Dude had EVERYTHING!!!!

Through out the Day Cars pulled in and out of Peck Park… This Impala was Clean!

Is your BARBQ sittin on Daytons???

Are there 6×9’s under your Ribs??? LOL this BarBQ was clownin… Sittin on Daytons with the Music right up under the grill… and that shit was loaded with Racks on Racks on Racks of Ribs!

Then Jerry pulled his Tahoe around to start packin stuff up! and his truck was slumpin on everybody in the park and down western… So i had to go check out where all that Bass was coming from!

Jerry popped the hatch so i can check it out….

and yeah! Thats FOUR 15’s in the back of a 2 Door Tahoe… yeah i said FOUR, QUATRO, 4… This shit was fuckin SLUMPIN!! i was standin on the other side of the parking lot and i felt that shit in my knee caps! That shit was NO JOKE!

After everything was packed up.. Everybody was talkin about hittin Crenshaw straight from the Park…

One last shot of Silents Impala before we all left!

and We were back on WESTERN…

We hit the 110 and Jerry pulled up in his Malibu…

and he hit the 3 Wheel across the 110….

Shout Out to everybody from MAJESTICS Car Club.. Huntington Park and Compton… They showed us alot of love at the Picnic… Real Cool People! Shout Out to Dusty and Silent… and a Big Shout Out to my Cousin JUSTIN and CARISSA! They just got Married in HAWAII… CONGRATS!!!

Reggae Sunday 6-20-2011


Click on the Picture to Download or Stream the Show for FREE!!!


Track List:

Coldest Zone – J Boog

Stop That Train – Fiji

Got To Be Strong – J Boog ft. Richie Spice

Rise and Stand – Fiji

One Man Woman – J Boog

Lets Do It Again – J Boog

Smokin Session – Fiji

Jowenna – Fiji

So Far Gone – J Boog

Love Season – J Boog

Naughty Girl – Fiji

Waiting On the Rain – J Boog

Darkness To Light – Fiji

Come and Get It – J Boog