The McGangBang

For those of you who are not down with the underground fast food secret society! Let me baffle your minds for 2 minutes! The McGangBang is when you go to your local neighborhood McDonalds and order 1 Mcdouble and 1 McChicken and then you slap those babies together and create the ultimate fast food BurgWich! yeah i said BurgWich! Its a hybrid… Half Burger and Half Sandwich… BurgWich! So FUCK the McRIB… get down with the McGangBang! Now let me show you what you’ve been missing out on your entire life!

So here you have a standard size McDouble (2 buns 2 burger patties 1 pickle diced onions and squirt of ketchup and a dab of mustard) and a standard size McChicken (2 buns, chicken patty lightly peppered, squirt of mayo and shredded lechuga.. thats lettuce for my non bilingual readers lol)

Now you gotsta unwrap them thangs to get busy! Aint no Gang Bangin goin on if you still got them Wrapped Up!

Now its time to get yo hands involved and get yo fingers nice and cheesey! (Fun Fact: McDonalds calls this a McDouble NOT a Double Cheeseburger because…. There is NO Double Cheese in this thang! Only 1 slice of cheese in between the Double Burger Patties! Hence the name McDouble) So now you gotta split the burger patties and CAUTION: the cheese gets a little gnarly when you try to pull it apart but you just gotta show that burger who’s boss!

Now that you got the Burger Patties split apart. Throw the whole McChicken in the middle.

Now if you did it right and followed my step by step instructions… it should look like this! From top to bottom it should be: Bun, Pickle, Burger, Bun, Lettuce, Chicken, Bun, Burger, Bun

Now go head and get yo McGangBang on…. The best part about this whole monstrousity is… It only cost 2 BUCKS to experience a little bit of Heaven on your Taste Buds! Shit is so intense you gotta try it atleast ONCE! Feel free to tweet us a pic of your McGangBang @imStillaNobody