Now to me personally… i Think SPACE INVADER Rocked the MOCA show the illest in true Street Art form… There was NO Space Invader area in the MOCA, He didnt have a few walls in a section for him to show case on, There was NO Invader exhibit Display roped off… SPACE INVADER got up where he wanted to, Through out the WHOLE show!! He literally INVADED the “Art in the Streets” Show!

This was outside at the Entrance of the Building…

This was ontop of a wall in the main room when you check your back pack in…

on the upper left hand corner of  a wall on SOMEBODY ELSES Exhibit….

This was a BIG ass piece above the main door way in the Room where Mr. Cartoon had his display!

This was a smaller piece (like the ones you see on the Streets) By the small door outside the LEVI Film room…

Now there might’ve been more that i missed! But just walking around in there Space Invader’s pieces just pop up out of NO WHERE! So be sure to keep your eyes open if you happen to visit the “Art in the Streets” show at the MOCA! Space Invader is EVERY WHERE!!!


F*CK the Oscar’s

Yeah i said it… FUCK the OSCAR’s (and no offense to anybody named OSCAR lol) but im talkin bout the Academy Awards! Besides being a boring ass award show! Let me rephrase that! i mean the Academy Awards IS THE most boring award show EVER! i’d rather watch the CMA’s (Country Music Awards) LOL atleast therer’s music on that show!

So as we all know BANKSY did NOT win for Best Doc! and i think that shit is CRAP! Hands down “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is one of the DOPEST Documentary’s ever! Not cuz im a Banksy Fan but because where else can you see the “behind the scenes” and inner workings of a Street Artist? i’m saying MBW (before he was MBW) was climbing roof tops with OBEY, Space Invader, BORF, Banksy and more…. He caught the Creative side to Street Art, The Mystery, The Risk, The Rush, The Ideas, The Preperation, The Execution… It’s all caught on tape!

They tried to get Young Hollywood to Host the Award show. Thinking the Younger crowd would watch… But the Younger crowd like myself was only watching to see Banksy’s movie WIN! I wasn’t watching to see what Dress’s these broads were wearing, i wasn’t watching to see who won actress of the year, i wasn’t watching to see who Host’s the show or the Red Carpet or None of that non sense! i was only tuned in to see if BANKSY was gona win! I wasn’t interested to see who Banksy was or what he looked liked or what kind of Shinanigan’s he was gonna pull.. I just wanted to see a Good Movie get the Respect it Deserves from the Academy! But the Academy had their heads shoved so far up there ass, that when they get the Ratings in for the show. They’ll notice that 90% of viewers changed the channel when Banksy’s Movie DIDN’T WIN!

Did they NOT notice that Banksy Single Handly raised awareness about his nomination within TWO WEEKS of the Award Show! He had the Most Media Coverage surrounding his movie than any other nominee in his category! Shit! Even Justin Timberlake went up there and spoke about Banksy! His name was buzzing around that room! and if your reading this and saying “Well Banksy just tagged on Walls! Thats Illegal, Thats why he was on the News” WAKE THE FUCK UP! Thats what his Movie is About JACK ASS! He’s an Artist, whether he paints on walls or on canvas he’s an ARTIST! and at the end of the day its not about winning awards its about bringing awareness to the ART!

Not once did Banksy catch a spot that had to do with the Oscar’s! He just did his regular normal shit….. in HOLLYWOOD! Pieces with a message and clever placement and Creative stencils…. and people like myself and other bloggers talked about his movie while posting pictures! His marketing strategy IF you can call it that was all the way on point! The Mystery behind him makes shit 10 times doper cuz 98% of the world doesnt know who he is but that same 98% KNOWS his work! Now there is ALOT of Hate around him too! Taggers are capping his spots and say “All he does is Stencils” i mean you can talk all the shit you want but at the end of the day… His work is known world wide! Whether he’s doing stencil pieces or Wheat Paste! His work is creative, current, appealing! I challenge anybody that hates on his work to get up as much as him around the world and create a buzz like he did! From a Graff Heads stand point, the GOAL is to Get up as much as possible so people can see your work! and he’s doing that so why hate? is it because you cant do what he does? or because you dont know who he is? or because people are talking about his work and not yours? No matter what anybody does in life there will always be somebody that will HATE YOU! LOL i think thats a proven fact! So i just laugh at those who are mad that he’s getting so much attention and cuz he’s “Popular” but if you dont Respect his work, Respect his Hustle! Cuz whether you like him or not, Your still talking about him!

Here’s a still shot of Banksy from his Movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and if you still think he just writes on walls. I encourage you to buy his movie! or rent it! and See the lines he pushes with his art! From Gallery’s to his Signature Pet Shops to this Movie! He’s bringing Conversation back to Art and pushing your mind to think out side of the box!

So in my opinion i think This Movie is one of the GREATEST Documentary’s ever recorded! and the OSCAR’s gave the award to the wrong person! The academy must be a bunch of old geezers that hate to see the Rebelious win! So the Oscar’s can catch a brick with their teeth! Cuz im a Proud Owner of this Thang! LOL