Less Is More Co. x NoNcents Trading Co. present… The STONEGROOVE.


Less Is More Co. x NoNcents Trading Co. present… The STONEGROOVE.

Come start off the New Year with some good music and good drinks on Jan. 9th, 2014 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa as Less Is More & NoNcents Trading Co present “The STONEGROOVE” featuring LuckyIam of Living Legends Awdbawl, Inkwell, and more. Pre-sale tickets $12 and $15 at the door.


Weekend Shananigans 4/23

Im a start doing weekend wrap ups again! under the new category called “Weekend Shananigans”

Friday was FOUR TWENTY, for those of you that didnt know! and it was a jam packed 420 for ME! Early in the day my homegirl hit me up about a Ska show going down in a lowkey spot in Hollywood! So you know i was down! and then the Homie and fellow NOBODY Edwin from E-CREASHUNZ hit me and let me know about a local Hip Hop show he was gona be at… So you know i had to hit that up when he told me AwdBawl was gona be rockin the mic.

So i shot over to the Awdbawl show first! Got there right in time to catch his set. Dude shut it down! I guess he had some technical difficulties at first, but then once the DJ got things rollin Awdbawl bodied that shit! If you havent heard any of Awdbawl’s music be sure to cruise this site and check out him and some of the other Less Is More Music… or just hit YouTube and search AWDBAWL he got some ill ass videos loaded… Go get you some! So after his set i got a chance to chop it up light weight with him and Ed… Awdbawl just dropped a new album… So be sure to get your hands on that! Support Good Music! Ed told me Swell was there too but i got there right after he left. So we gotta set up something so we can all chop it up over a few brews or something! The NOBODY’s support the whole LESS IS MORE Crew… 110%

So right after that, i headed to my homegirls spot so we could hit that Ska show! I didnt know where the show was or who was performing.. All i knew was she had an extra ticket and i love me some SKA! So we headed towards Hollywood and ended up in some sketchy ass industrial area and the sidewalks were filled with Skankers and 2 Toners all walking in the same direction… So we caught a cool parking spot and walked up to what looked like a Appartment building… We gave the guy at the gate our tickets and walked into an open parking garage! and above us was 2 bands on some balcony type ledges… (So what i found out was… We were at a Practice room building… There was 3 rooms on one side and 3 on the other side and we were all standing in the lower parking lot…) The first band started and got the crowd moving… they played a full set and then the “head liner” band got it going.. They were called the Jumpin Jax and they were DOPE! Horns were on, Bass was slappin, and the singer was groovin up there! The whole crowd was skankin… I got a chance to chop it up with the bass player of the Jumpin Jax and he told me they put on these Underground Gorilla shows every 2 months! and they only sale 200 tickets… So its a big deal if you get a chance to grab a $10 ticket when you can. But the trick is… They are NOT on the internet! NO twitter, Website, Youtube, Facebook… none of that shit! its strictly by word of mouth! If your in the “SCENE” then you’ll know somebody that knows somebody! Which is dope to me! It kind of eliminates the Hypebeasts and Hipsters and lets the Real Fans get a chance to experience something EXCLUSIVE!

So Saturday was another jam packed day! We hit the Strand in the South Bay and took the Bikes out! SLOW MOTION CREWZERS was in full effect… We hit Hermosa to El Porto and was just flossin on’em! Then i shot down to get Gnarly with the Long BEach SHARKS and watched Bones Jones go to work on Rashad… After the fight, me and BOB the BARBER  headed to SCATTER BREIGN’S House… It was EDGERTH’s bday… So they threw him an old school House Party.. you know Kegs + coolers full of Beer + DJ… Thats when it got Next Level GNARLY! Word to my Twin Brother 3THUMBZ! hahahaaa

Sunday was mellow! Cruised with the Homegirls… Caught a few beers, some cool food and went to watch “Think Like a Man” and that shit was really fuckin FUNNY! hahahahaa! Kevin Hart killed that shit easyyy! But on some real shit! Cruisin with the homegirls made me realize how DOPE they are hahahahaaa! They were bumpin and rappin along to some DOPE ass Hip Hop… Like what females you know, that know Slum Village records word for word! hahahaaaa… Then we went to go grub and they ordering up Brewski’s and shit! hahahahaa! None of that fruity drink shit! im talkin real beer with HOPS in it! hahahahahaaa! Throwin down Burgers and shit… Just clownin… Not for nothin, my Homegirls are DOPE! and the whole time, they were still breakin dudes necks… hahahahahaahaaa!!!

Now its MONDAY! and everybody hates MONDAY’s… If you actually read this whole post… you should know a few things… Check out Awdbawls music, Go watch Think Like a Man, Drink Beer, Listen to SKA, Learn some Slum Village records and get you some cool Friends… hahahahaaa!


Cold Cut Fridays @ Suzurans

Wut up ya’ll, one of my favorite holidays is a couple days away, you know what I’m talking about, good ol’ 4ouR tWEntY, now the good thing about this day this year (besides all the refer) is that there will be a good, FREE hip hop show TOO! I invite you all to Cold Cut Fridays at Suzurans in Gardena to see Awdbawl, which as you know has just release his Ep on bandcamp (cop it if you haven’t, good stuff right here), and also a performance by Jubien. Check the flyer for more info and directions. =*SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HIP HOP*=

AWDBAWL – Awl Ways Due

This just in from The Less Is More Collective, AWDBAWL hits us with a 7-track EP called Awl Ways Due, now available for $5 on Bandcamp, now click the link and get your copy of good music filled with raw hip hop sound and word play to have you on repeat. ENJOY!!!! and keep the support of independent hip hop….


ATTENTION NOBODIES, introducing new to the site is a independent music group called “LESS IS MORE” from the SOUTH BAY/HARBOR AREAs of LOS ANGELES. This group consist of 3 MC’s (Swell, Awdbawl, Lost lane) 2 beat makers/producers (Lost Lane, NastyFace) and 1 Video Producer (Ryan Calavano). All members have been doing music for quite awhile now but have recently joined forces to create the camp known LESS IS MORE. This video above is called “NO ONE SPEAKS” with Lost Lane on the beat, Swell and Awdbawl on the vocals, and Ryan Calavano behind the camera, check out the vid and stay tuned for more music from the LiM team. this is Edsta1 signin off……..